Do You Own a Pool? Have a Pool Party

Having a backyard party is fun, especially during summer when the kids are off from school and parents have a lot of extra time at hand. Unfortunately, may are not sure about what the theme and center of the party should be. If you are looking forward in hosting a great party at your home this summer, you might not want to limit your party with alcoholic drinks and a lot of loud music. If you have a swimming pool at home, you might want to consider hosting a pool party.


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There are two types of pool party, one are for the adults that may require some booze and music while the other one is a kid-friendly one. However, both parties may require the consent of adults and may need to have a designated life guard who will stay sane the whole of the party just to look after the kids and the adults that will enjoy having fun on the water.

Pool parties are the perfect way to get friends, families, neighbors, and coworkers together, especially during the summer months. One of the many reasons why you should consider having a pool party is because it is likely that your party will stand apart from the rest.  Most households in America have a barbeque grill; however, not everyone has a pool.  The pool alone, may make your backyard party better than most.


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Having a pool party during the summer is really a great idea, mainly because of the hear. However, you may not enjoy a pool party if it is too hot so consider having some shade available over your pool in case the sun gets too hot. Spending quality time with your friends, families, colleagues and neighbors during this hot weather is a fun way to stay cool and entertained. If you have the luxury of owning a pool at home, you might want to share the fun and relaxation with the people you care about.

Another reason why you may want to host a pool party is because pools are fun, for individuals of all ages.  This means whether you are inviting adults, children, or both, everyone should be able to enjoy your pool. Despite the fact that even children enjoy swimming, they may need more attention than adult swimmers.  If children will be attending your pool party, you may want to develop a safety plan, just in case. This safety plan may include when children can swim or who will be watching over them when they do.

Now that the entertainment is taken care of, another important aspect you will have to take care for your party is the food. If short on the budget, you ca ask friends to go pot-luck and bring their specialties and family specialties for the party. You need to have easy to pick foods like friend poppers, hotdogs and barbeque as well as some salad to freshen up everyone. Cool drinks and sodas should also be included on your menu.

You can have a blast even on a limited budget with a pool in your yard, great friends and families and great food to share with.


The Top 7 Tips to Help You Plan a Surprise Party

Planning a surprise party can be very fun and enjoyable for all of the people who are involved.  And, if you and your co-conspirators can keep up the charade until the party happens, then you can have one very surprised and happy guest of honor.

Even though the secret of your surprise party lays with all of the people who will be in attendance, there are some simple things which you can do, as the party planner and host, to help ensure the best outcome possible.  Here are seven tips to get you started to planning a surprise party which your friends and relatives will be talking about for years to come:

Tip #1 – Find out from your guest of honor, or even better from their significant other, what their schedule is like within the timeframe you are considering for the surprise party.  Use this valuable information to set the date for your surprise party.

Tip #2 – Enlist the help of someone who can devise a fictitious activity for the guest of honor to partake in on the day of the party.  The closer to your home this activity is, the easier it is for your helper to “have to stop in at your home for a moment” on the day of the party.

Tip #3 – Extend your invitations to all of your invited guests.  When you make your invitations make sure that each of your guests understand that the party is a surprise and should be kept that way.  Ask them to please not share the information with your guest of honor or anyone else who might mention it to them.

Tip #4 – Come up with a planned event which everyone who may run into your guest of honor can use as a diversion if they need to.  However, if your guests don’t think they can “lie” to the guest of honor with a straight face, suggest that they avoid them for the time leading up to the party, whenever possible and practical.

Tip #5 – Ask all of your invited guests to arrive at least thirty minutes before you expect your guest of honor to arrive.  If your guest of honor generally arrives early to events, then you might want to ask your invited guests to come a bit earlier, just in case.

Tip #6 – Ask your guests to park down the street and out of sight.  The only caveat to this is if the guest of honor believes they are attending another event at your home on that day.  If this is the case then it won’t really matter much were people choose to park.

Tip #7 – Once you have done all of the other things suggested, then the only thing you can really do is pray and hold your breath that no one will slip-up and tell your guest of honor about your planned surprise party.

Planning a surprise party can be a lot of fun.  If you take the time to build in some diversions into your plan, you are able to help those who might be asked questions by the guest of honor.  This will ensure that they are not caught off-guard and without a good, solid, quick answer to give to any questions that they may be asked.  By doing this you can have a wonderful surprise party.  Good luck!

A Professional Party Planner’s Guide to Hosting an Oktoberfest Party

One of the most interesting and fun parties for adults these days are drinking parties. And one of the most popular of them all is the Oktoberfest. The popularity of the event has grown even bigger through the last few decades and is now celebrated in different places around the globe. People are generally coming in thousands to witness and experience the event, not only in Munich but all over the globe.

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While most adults would enjoy a fashionable cocktail party or have wine and cheese while chatting with friends, the fun that comes with Oktoberfest parties are just so entertaining, the event remains to be so enticing.

However, not all are lucky enough to be able to fund their vacation this October and be in one of the several Oktoberfest parties across the globe. But that alone is not enough to stop you from enjoying. You can actually throw an Oktoberfest party of your own right on your backyard or in a place preferred by you and your guests. Here are some professional planner’s tips on how to host an amazing Oktoberfest party that everyone will remember and be talking about.

Tip #1 – You will need way more ice for your Oktoberfest party than you think you will.  The standard rule of thumb is to have about a pound of ice per guest who will be in attendance.  However, I believe even a bit more is advisable. If the budget permits, hiring an ice machine would be a great idea.

Tip #2 – Oktoberfest party décor is a must.  Yu can hang a few colorful bon bons, giant sized beers ar buckets filled with ice and your favorite beer. You can practically check out Australia’s Parties Online for the perfect decorating pieces for this event.

Tip #3 – The most important part of your Oktoberfest party planning is making sure you have enough supplies on hand.  The most important of these supplies is your alcoholic beverages.  A good bar should be stocked with the ingredients for each of your friend’s favorite drinks, or as a basic level at least those used to make the most popular drinks of the day, plus beer and wine.  You can also ask guest to bring a bucket of beer so that you can have enough supply for your party. Food should also be put into consideration. Ask if guests can bring a kilo of meet each or any finger food that everyone would enjoy in the party. You can throw a BBQ party together with your Oktoberfest celebration to keep your guests full and entertained the whole time.

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Tip #5 – When you are hosting a party where alcohol is consumed, you should always offer food and coffee to your guests as well as make sure they have a designated driver to get them home safely.  Please do not ever let your guests drink and drive.  It’s not safe for them and the other people on the road.  Letting them go home drunk is a party bummer so might as well invite your guests for an overnight event and have spare room or cushions available where they can crash after the party.

You can have an evening of adult fun and drinking and experience your own version of an Oktoberfest party without having to fly out the country with this useful party tips.

Throwing A Surprise Father’s Day Party: Affordable Tips

Our Fathers are very important people in our lives – that’s why it also important to go all out and spend this special day with them. For this year, throwing a surprise party for your Dad can be possible – even at a budget.

Here are some Surprise Father’s Day ideas you can do for that special man in your life.

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Remember your audience

Know what your father or husband may like in terms of gifts and parties. Remember who that party is for. Would they prefer a casual party, a party limited to your friends and family members or a party outdoors. You can then plan on how you can surprise them effectively by knowing the things that you need to prepare ahead of time. As for invites, you can send out e-mails of private messages via SMS to keep it a secret.

Guests list

Be sure to include the guests that your father would definitely want to have for the party. This can be their favorite cousin, a colleague, the newspaper delivery boy of his barber. Be sure to include the people he would definitely love to be with but do not have the pleasure of time to spend most of his time.


Decorations can be as simple as bon bons selection via Parties Online. No need for balloons or expensive decorations. Use the budget for the decorations for a gift that your father would really love.

Food and drinks


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All dads love good food and cold beers. So let them forget their diet for a day and enjoy steaks freshly cooked from your oven and cold beer from your cooler. If Dad happens to be the grill master, allow him to rest and relax for a day by doing the job for him. Let the steaks, burgers and ribs fill the tables and enjoy a great barbeque party together with your fathers.


Their favorite movie, a basketball or football game or a day of Playstation is pretty much an interesting way to entertain your father on his special day. Beer pong or a game of golf might also be scheduled especially if they enjoy doing such activities.

If we can all afford a ticket to the Golden State Warriors vs Cavaliers game, we would all splurge and buy those special men in your lives whatever they may desire. However, we can also do a few interesting and fun activities that can touch their hearts and make their day without having to spend too much.

How to Come Up with the Perfect Surprise Hen Party for Your Best Friend

If your best friend is getting married soon and you are planning to throw a hen party for her, a surprise party would probably be the best idea. It’s unique and it will surely offer the bride-to-be and your circle of friends memories that will not be easily forgotten. With time flying by so fast and schedules getting tighter, however, how do you pull off the perfect surprise party? Here are some tips:

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Timing is of the Essence

The timing of the party is crucial in order for the element of surprise to be in full effect. Most hen parties are held a week or a few days before the wedding, so it won’t really be that big of a surprise for your friend if you go with tradition. What you would want to do instead is hold the party well in advance of the wedding – at least a couple of months before the big day. It will be more of a surprise for your best friend because she won’t be expecting it at all.

Don’t Leave People Clueless

A lot of attempted hen surprise parties fail because some of the bride-to-be’s friends or relatives are not aware of the plan and end up ruining everything by blurting out something. To prevent the beans from spilling, make sure you let everyone know that the party is going to be a surprise. Whether you’re going to spread the news through phone call, text message, e-mail, or social media, see to it everybody is reminded.

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Remove Any Obstacle

Again, timing is everything, and when planning a surprise hen party, see to it that you find out first what your friend’s work schedule looks like. In most cases, the bride-to-be would have some input on the party plan. But, since it’s a surprise party, you as the organizer are the one you will make sure the date of the event won’t overlap with important work schedules. For instance, it would be a bad idea to have the party a night before a big presentation at work. Perhaps you can talk to her colleagues or even to her supervisor or manager to make sure there won’t be any heavy tasks for the bride on the day and the day after the party.

Set Up a Decoy

Arranging a fake outing is one of the most effective ways to divert the bride’s attention and make sure that she won’t have a bit of a clue that there’s a surprise brewing up. You can enlist the help of some of your friends or even of her fiancé. This is also an excellent way to make sure she’ll reserve the date and surely be there for the surprise party.

Put Yourself in Her Shoes

Finally, to make sure the bride-to-be end up enjoying the surprise party thrown for her, put yourself in her shoes during the planning phase. This means carefully considering the guest list, the menu, and the activities for the event. As her best friend, you should know well enough who she wants and do not want to be in the guest list. You should also know well enough what type of party food she would want to be in the menu and what kind of activities she would want to enjoy with her friends.

If you can keep these things in mind when planning for the event, you can definitely be sure to have the perfect surprise hen party for your bride-to-be best friend!

Things to Consider When Attending a Party

So, you’ve been invited to an event or even asked to help organize it. It may be a huge birthday bash, a surprise bachelor’s or bachelorette’s party, an anniversary with friends and family, or a small gathering with attendees you can count with your fingers. You agree to become a part of it and thank the host for the invitation. What next?

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Regardless of the type of party you’ve committed your participation or attendance to, it is important that you to ensure that you will be there, look your best and have fun from start to finish. Many people have their own routine that you can apply on your own as well, in order to be sure that you rock that party.

The moment you’ve agreed to be in someone’s guest list, make sure you squeeze it in your schedule. Most often, we know when a good time will be and when your job or other commitments won’t allow it. Committing your attendance to this event would mean a lot to the host, so make sure you mark your calendar. Unless something really more important comes up, focus on being there on that day.

Commit to looking good, smelling good and feeling good on the day of the party. Plan to don a nice outfit that fits the occasion. Polish your footwear. Wear a perfume. Be sure your confidence level is up on this day. You’ll be meeting the host, the celebrant, your friends and acquaintances, and even make new ones. It pays to pay attention to your overall appearance. Try to be in a good mood for this day as well, particularly if it is a formal occasion or one with a particular significance to you.

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Ready your gifts, if any. Take the time to learn about your recipient’s hobbies and interest, and then shop for the perfect present. You don’t want to get some generic item you see on an online shop. A well-thought gift speaks volumes about you. Make sure it is something that your receiver will appreciate. In not-so-formal get-togethers, you may be asked to contribute some party supplies. Be sure to search for Parties Online when looking for top quality items.

If you’re someone who isn’t particularly good at striking a conversation and making friends with strangers, it pays to know the people in the guest list. If it’s not something you’ll know from your circle, politely ask your host. Having an idea about the attendees can help you become better prepared for the individuals you will be meeting or rekindling lost ties with.

Coming on time matters! If you try to switch roles with the party host, you know you’ll never appreciate people who don’t commit to the time that has been set. This is particularly true if you have been requested to accomplish some tasks. Show that you appreciate the invitation and are interested to do the part you’ve been asked by showing up on time.

Days before the actual event, anything can happen. If it becomes impossible for you to be present in the party, be sure to inform your host. It is your way of paying courtesy to the person or persons who have thought about making you a part of their special celebration.