Throwing A Surprise Father’s Day Party: Affordable Tips

Our Fathers are very important people in our lives – that’s why it also important to go all out and spend this special day with them. For this year, throwing a surprise party for your Dad can be possible – even at a budget.

Here are some Surprise Father’s Day ideas you can do for that special man in your life.

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Remember your audience

Know what your father or husband may like in terms of gifts and parties. Remember who that party is for. Would they prefer a casual party, a party limited to your friends and family members or a party outdoors. You can then plan on how you can surprise them effectively by knowing the things that you need to prepare ahead of time. As for invites, you can send out e-mails of private messages via SMS to keep it a secret.

Guests list

Be sure to include the guests that your father would definitely want to have for the party. This can be their favorite cousin, a colleague, the newspaper delivery boy of his barber. Be sure to include the people he would definitely love to be with but do not have the pleasure of time to spend most of his time.


Decorations can be as simple as bon bons selection via Parties Online. No need for balloons or expensive decorations. Use the budget for the decorations for a gift that your father would really love.

Food and drinks


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All dads love good food and cold beers. So let them forget their diet for a day and enjoy steaks freshly cooked from your oven and cold beer from your cooler. If Dad happens to be the grill master, allow him to rest and relax for a day by doing the job for him. Let the steaks, burgers and ribs fill the tables and enjoy a great barbeque party together with your fathers.


Their favorite movie, a basketball or football game or a day of Playstation is pretty much an interesting way to entertain your father on his special day. Beer pong or a game of golf might also be scheduled especially if they enjoy doing such activities.

If we can all afford a ticket to the Golden State Warriors vs Cavaliers game, we would all splurge and buy those special men in your lives whatever they may desire. However, we can also do a few interesting and fun activities that can touch their hearts and make their day without having to spend too much.