Unique Dresses to Try on Your Next Costume Party

Who doesn’t love costume parties? It’s the best time to dress up, to be more creative and to be crazy. But I’m sure it isn’t easy to think of new ideas that could wow the other party goers. After being in several different costume parties and standing out, it would be rather difficult to sustain the momentum or even to top it of. That said let us give you some tips on what to wear on your next costume party.

TV Series – Inspired

Wouldn’t it be nice to dress up like you are from Game of Thrones? Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how your friends would react seeing you donning silver hair wearing one of Daenarys Stormborn’s iconic gowns? Or maybe get ideas from Orange is the New Black. It’s really fun to copy your favorite characters from TV. And since TV series are so famous, it’s hard not to know which ones you are portraying. The options for party costumes are almost limitless. But to make it more dramatic, remember to be in character when you go the party.


It’s always fun to dress up like food. Why not create a costume that looks like pasta, or a hotdog sandwich? Perhaps, you can make something that looks like a sundae. If you are going to a costume party with your partner, how about you dress up as peanut butter and jelly sandwich? If you want something simple, then be pepper and salt. That would be so cute. Just try to keep your costume within manageable size to keep yourself from bumping with other party goers on the dance floor.

Classic Historical Icon

It is always interesting to see how the Golden Era paved its way when it comes to fashion. The 15th century offered the most interesting, dashing, regal and intricate design when it comes to dresses and suits. Literally dress to impress as you go back in time and dress up like your favorite icon from the past. You can be Elvis Prestley, Marilyn Monroe, Jackie O or even Audrey Hepburn. The hairstyles are way too good to be missed as well.


Lastly, everyone wants to be the superhero. Why not try something different and be a villain? It’s fun to act like you are the serial killer or the robber once in awhile. You have to be careful though on your way to the party. Some people might think that you are a real antagonist and might call the police. Now, you wouldn’t want to spend the night inside the prison. Would you?

Always remember that creativity is the key. You don’t even have to buy a new wardrobe to look unique on your next costume party. We recommend DIYs. That’s very easy to do since the internet has a lot of tips choose from. But whatever your costume is, just remember to enjoy and have fun.