Perfect Party Dresses for Women this Christmas

Christmas is just a few days away and you must have probably lined-up several parties to attend to on your planner by now. With so many parties to attend to, gifts to finish wrapping and other preparations for the season, dressing up for every party you are about to grace your presence this coming Christmas seems a little bit stressful. Worry no more because we are giving away ideas on how to stay stylish, beautiful and party ready on a budget with these party dress ideas for women.

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Sequin Dresses

Glam Radar.jpg

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Sequins allows you to dazzle more than you already do. It is a perfect piece you can use for Christmas parties for the younger generation. This parties usually includes a lot of dancing and you will be the spotlight in the party with this dress one. If you would want to be on the spotlight of things, this outfit is the one for you. This outfit is also perfect for parties at night, you’ll sparkle a lot in this outfit.

Luscious Velvet


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Velvet is one of the best options when it comes to formal parties, especially the ones that you celebrate together with professional friends and colleagues. It is also a nice option to choose if you wish to attend to a party with mostly acquaintances. You’ll still look stunning but will not draw too much attention. You can also wear this in formal reunions, either with your relatives or classmates.

Sensuous Silk

Moda Operandin.jpg

Photo Credit: Moda Operandi via Pinterest

Silk is a great option when attending Christmas celebrations with your special someone. You would want to feel comfortable but look stunning at the same time. This kind of outfit are indeed for the most intimate yet formal celebrations that you intend to attend to together with love ones.

Glittering Crystals

Be Creative.jpg

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Another party ensemble that you would want to wear together with close friends at a party after dark. You can choose to tame down or to accessorize like a party animal with this outfit. Pick a design with a few glittering crystals and enjoy the balance of complexity and simplicity in your outfit.

Bold Colors


Photo Credit: Etsy via Pinterest

Bold colors are perfect for those casual Christmas dinners and for not too complex parties that you will be attending this Christmas. Stick with the colors that are not usual for the season. Red is still safe but stay away from the color or the basic shade because you might end up looking like the rest of the sheets in the venue. Stay away from green as well. Interesting shades of pastel or solid colors like royal blue would look great in any formal party.

Classic Pieces


Photo Credit: Luulla via Pinterest

Classic pieces like your little black dress, your favorite white ensemble or your perfect peach dress will never go wrong in any party. Accessorize with flashy and interesting colors and to texture to be able to match your outfit with the season.


A Glimpse into Chinese New Year Celebrations

Spring Festival or popularly known as the Chinese New Year is one of the most important traditional festivals in Australia. It is also the time of the year where families gather and a week of official public holiday is enjoyed in the country.


Photo  Credit: BlogLovin via Pinterest

This 2017, Chinese New Year will be celebrated early because it falls on January 28, a Saturday. The date is not always the same every year since it is based on the Chinese lunar calendar and not the Gregorian calendar that we use. The celebrations will start from the eve of January 27 and will last until the 2nd of February.

Why do people celebrate Chinese New Year?

There are many interesting legends and stories narrating the start of the Chinese New Year festival, but the it basically has two main reasons. This is the time to celebrate after a year of hard work, time to have a good rest and relax with the family. It is also a way to welcome a new lucky and prosperous new year ahead.

Most of the time Chinese New Year in Australia is celebrated by having a reunion party together with the family where red envelopes with cash are being given away. There are a lot of fireworks and colorful decorations are being put up. Chinese New Year decorations DIY projects are also showcased during this occasion. Modern celebrations on the other hand include watch the CCTV Gala, exchanging greetings via instant messages and cyber money gifts.

Lia Griffith.jpg

Photo Credit: Lia Griffith via Pinterest

Buildings, houses and streets are decorated with red lucky items. Every street, building and house, in China is decorated with red. Red is the main color of the festival because it is believed to be a symbol of luck and prosperity. Some of the most common decorations used for the festivities are red paper lanterns, red couplets pasted on doors and entrances and New Year pictures depicting images of prosperity.

A lot of traditions are also being practiced during the Chinese New Year’s Eve. Last year, the Year of the Monkey, most decorations were decorated with items and images related to monkeys.

As the New Year approach, several practices are also being implemented depending on the animal and the element that is prominently powerful according to Feng Shui. Most businesses are really keen in being able to adhere  to these practices to invite and bring a more prosperous year for their business.

Chinese New Year is a time for family, a time to relax from work and a time to get back to their roots and traditions as they welcome a more prosperous and healthy year ahead.

Do You Own a Pool? Have a Pool Party

Having a backyard party is fun, especially during summer when the kids are off from school and parents have a lot of extra time at hand. Unfortunately, may are not sure about what the theme and center of the party should be. If you are looking forward in hosting a great party at your home this summer, you might not want to limit your party with alcoholic drinks and a lot of loud music. If you have a swimming pool at home, you might want to consider hosting a pool party.


Photo Credit: Party and Event Guide via Pinterest

There are two types of pool party, one are for the adults that may require some booze and music while the other one is a kid-friendly one. However, both parties may require the consent of adults and may need to have a designated life guard who will stay sane the whole of the party just to look after the kids and the adults that will enjoy having fun on the water.

Pool parties are the perfect way to get friends, families, neighbors, and coworkers together, especially during the summer months. One of the many reasons why you should consider having a pool party is because it is likely that your party will stand apart from the rest.  Most households in America have a barbeque grill; however, not everyone has a pool.  The pool alone, may make your backyard party better than most.


Photo Credit: Craft O Maniac via Pinterest

Having a pool party during the summer is really a great idea, mainly because of the hear. However, you may not enjoy a pool party if it is too hot so consider having some shade available over your pool in case the sun gets too hot. Spending quality time with your friends, families, colleagues and neighbors during this hot weather is a fun way to stay cool and entertained. If you have the luxury of owning a pool at home, you might want to share the fun and relaxation with the people you care about.

Another reason why you may want to host a pool party is because pools are fun, for individuals of all ages.  This means whether you are inviting adults, children, or both, everyone should be able to enjoy your pool. Despite the fact that even children enjoy swimming, they may need more attention than adult swimmers.  If children will be attending your pool party, you may want to develop a safety plan, just in case. This safety plan may include when children can swim or who will be watching over them when they do.

Now that the entertainment is taken care of, another important aspect you will have to take care for your party is the food. If short on the budget, you ca ask friends to go pot-luck and bring their specialties and family specialties for the party. You need to have easy to pick foods like friend poppers, hotdogs and barbeque as well as some salad to freshen up everyone. Cool drinks and sodas should also be included on your menu.

You can have a blast even on a limited budget with a pool in your yard, great friends and families and great food to share with.

Great Backyard Fun Activities for Children

Summer is not the only time for you to enjoy having a great time outdoors. Every time of the year is a great time to celebrate and have fun especially if you are celebrating with your family. While some children may prefer spending summer at a camp or having piano lessons during school break, there can be a lot of fun and entertaining activities one can do on their own backyard. Whether you have a five-year-old or a teenager, you can keep your children occupied and entertained, right at the outdoors of your home, all year-round.

frugal fun for boys.jpg

Photo Credit: Frugal Fun for Kids via Pinterest

For summer, you can consider having a cook out outdoors. You can even camp outdoors at the comfort of your backyard. You get to enjoy watching the stars while enjoying barbeque and hot marshmallows while having the comforts of your toilet and technology just a few steps away from your camping tents. Spend time outdoors to see how beautiful your home can be at night, even outdoors.

You can also consider building an activity area on your own backyard. You might want to build a tree house where your little ones can pretend house, have a place where they can bring in friends to play without having to clutter your homes or simply have a recluse whenever they feel having.


Photo Credit: A Girl and A Glue Gun via Pinterest

During the rainy days, going outdoors seems to be a bore with the rain and the wind tripping with the activities you could possible enjoy outdoors. You can have a friendly game of soccer or baseball or simply enjoy the rain outdoors when there’s no wind or when thunder and lightning is not present. Just be sure to dose up your kids with Vitamins and have them take a nice warm bath after enjoying time under the rain. You can also make your back porch a place where you and your kids can drink hot chocolate and enjoy good conversation while watching the rain.

For the rest of the year, you can actually pull of several activities that you and your children may enjoy doing outdoors. Painting the fence can be a fun chore if done with the rest of the family. Starting out a vegetable garden is also a nice idea, or perhaps flower beds on your front lawn and your backyard would be as well. Introducing you children with different kind of sports might actually trigger a passion for that sport in your kids.

Exposing your kids to the possibilities and experiences  that they may enjoy and be interested in outdoors is your chance of giving them opportunities to discover more about themselves. Being there to guide and to enjoy together with them as they discover the possibilities outdoors is an experience any parent should not miss.

Halloween Props You Must Have this Halloween 2016

This is the perfect time to ponder and start putting up your Halloween decorations. Halloween is just a week away and most of your neighbors might have already set-up their yard to look like a grotesque sanctuary. Be ready to terrify and be the talk of the town today. Be ready to create a creepy vibe and psyche your neighbors with the best Halloween decoration you can pull off this Halloween 2016.

Allow your trick or treaters to jump and get their fair deal of a scare as you decorate your yard and home with Halloween props that will surely give them the creeps. Halloween is indeed the opportunity for you to create a dramatic and truly haunting appeal for your home. Here are some of the best and trending Halloween decors you must have this year in and out of your home.

Bag of Bones


Photo Credit: Flickr via Pinterest

A classic feature that any Halloweens scene must have are bags of bones. You can place them indoors, on your front door or most of the times in your yard. You can actually buy a kit of bones on your local Halloween store such as Party Supplies Online Australia or even Amazon. It would be advisable to get a life-sized one if you will be using it on your yard, while smaller ones would be suitable indoors.

Mega Spider Web

Giant Spider Web.jpg

Photo Credit: Shelly Livingston via Pinterest

Instead of the usual spider web decorations that you can spray on your windows and walls, you can make things even more impressive by creating a gigantic one on your yard. You simply need a few meters of rope tied from your roof to different points in your yard to create a giant spider web. A gigantic spider will definitely complete the look. Simply get a big beach ball or styroball and attach legs onto it. Pain it with black and allow black painted cotton balls to stick together with the paint to achieve the terrifying texture spiders have.

Skull Wreaths


Photo Credit: Etsy via Pinterest

Skull wreaths are also becoming a favorite Halloween décor this year not only because of its frightening effect but because it is easy to do and light on the budget. Insert your small skulls into a wire and then bend it to form a circular wreath. Paint it in black or you can even have glitters on it and then simply hang it on your front door. You can place electronic candles inside to make them glow at night.

Halloween Christmas Tree

Bombshell Bling.jpg

Photo Credit: Bombshell Bling via Pinterest

We all love Christmas Trees and we even put them up as early as September. Instead of having to hide them during Halloween, it would be better to transform it into a Halloween Christmas Tree instead. Instead of the usually glittery red and green ornaments that we are used to seeing for Christmas, we can cover our Christmas trees with Jack-o-lanterns, cobwebs instead of garland and small skulls instead of Christmas balls. Once Halloween is over, we can simply replace them with our usual Christmas decors.

With these easy to do ideas in mind, decorating in style for Halloween can be done as easy as 1,2, 3 and as stylish as 10 without breaking your budgets.


Gift Ideas on a Budget: Holiday Gift Ideas Under $25

In our fast-paced world full of high-speed everything, one thing that seems to be a prevailing factor in our lives is how so many things require so much of our well-earned money. From paying for the necessities, such as rent or mortgage, car payment, insurance, utility bills, as well as food and clothing, most of our checks seem to fly out the door. Then there are entertainment expenses as well, including cable or satellite TV and even our Internet access. So when it’s time to figure out what holiday gift ideas we are going to give out this year, the decision becomes harder and harder on what makes a good gift to give.


Photo Credit: Coins Numismatics via Pinterest

In the past it was not uncommon for someone to receive expensive jewelry, watches, handmade clocks and other such prestigious items. Unfortunately for most of us, those days are gone, but we still want our holiday gift idea to make the person feel like a million dollars. The question thus becomes how to achieve this seemingly impossible feat.

Holiday gift ideas that cost under twenty-five dollars have the unfortunate stigma that they are somehow cheap and gaudy, not at all what someone should be giving away for the special occasion. This could not be any more untrue. The fact of the matter is that being frugal in this day and age often times makes sure that most, if not all, of those on your gifting list actually receive something that they can cherish and enjoy from you. And truth be told the price oftentimes does not equal the true value of the heartfelt gift.


Photo Credit: From C to C via Pinterest

Take for instance most books. To the wise shopper, many of the popular titles, including even the new Harry Potter novel, can be purchased for less than $25. And for those who would rather listen to the book than actually read it, there are still bargains to be had. Literature in all its forms are wonderful holiday gift ideas, for even in fiction there are lessons to be learned and fantastical lands to escape into.

Another popular inexpensive gift to give is music and video. CD’s are still a popular holiday gift idea, but is more and more going into gift cards for iTunes and Rhapsody services. On the other spectrum is DVD’s and the movies, television programs and other such videos that the smart shopper can find still under the $25 range. For the adventurous shopper, with careful inspection and research they may even find DVD, CD and MP3 players for under this range as well, which many would be blessed to own.

Of course as a last resort for a good holiday gift idea, anywhere from five to twenty-five dollars in a gift card (or even a combination of gift cards) will always work. When your recipient gets the card, they will feel grateful for the thought you put into it because it shows them how much you care. How does it do this? Quite simple actually: You show that you have listened to their wants and that you have gotten to know their desires over the time spent together, and thus you buy the cards for their favorite places. What’s not to love with this holiday gift idea?

So there you have three wonderful holiday gift ideas, all under twenty-five bucks. Just remember that if you use your imagination, you will find there is so much more opportunity with this seemingly small amount if you but just look for it! Happy bargain hunting and may your gifts be received with gratitude and love!

Having a Hard Time Finding Gifts? Timeless Holiday Gift Ideas You Can Try

Throughout our lives, there are certain constants that always remain. Whether it is a simple black dress that goes with anything, or the suit blazer that can be worn with a T-shirt, a collared shirt or even formal wear. Or even how a pair of jeans always remains in style – there are always a few timeless items that never truly grow old. This article is to help you with some timeless holiday gift ideas that are sure to last more than a lifetime.

Just Imagine.jpg

Photo Credit: Just Imagine via Pinterest

One timeless holiday gift idea is the gift of music. Young or old, if they have an interest in music, supplying them with a musical instrument can be a wonderful investment in their lives. Some of the more popular musical instruments are the piano and/or electric keyboard, guitar, violin, flute, recorder and drum set. Even though it will take time for the person to learn how to play the instrument, once learned it will be a gift that continues to give, possibly for several generations if passed down the ranks.

Another popular and timeless holiday gift idea would be that of handmade or heirloom jewelry. From the stunning pendants to the glittering necklaces, jewelry has always remained with us. Although there does exist what some would call fashion jewelry, there remains a simplistic and yet elegant charm to the designs of old. Jewelry also seems to become a tool for passing down family stories and heritage, and thus fits nicely into the timeless category.


Photo Credit: Bloglovin via Pinterest

For those who are believers, a wonderful and timeless holiday gift idea is that of the Good News, also known as the Holy Bible. For quite a long time, passing down the Holy Scriptures from Parent to Child has been an important tradition, and one never taken lightly. The old family Bible, although tattered and torn and perhaps even worn in a few places, it is a special part of the family and is more precious to them than gold, silver or even platinum. Bibles and other such books always make a smart and timeless gift to give.

This leads us to another timeless holiday gift idea in the form of a book: photo albums and scrapbooks. Whenever a natural disaster strikes and someone’s home has become destroyed, when asked what they miss the most out of their belongings, it is always the family photo album. Photos hold our memories with them, and help remind us of where we came from and what we have become. Thus small, handmade collections of special photos are always a welcome and timeless gift to receive.

Of course, one tradition that will always be a smart and timeless holiday gift tradition will be that of making and giving away baked goods made from the heart and family recipes passed down from as far as the family can remember. The number one requested item out of these baked goods are always chocolate-chip cookies. No matter what, the smell of cookies cooking is a welcome scent, and one that always brings a smile to our face. And who can forget making sugar cookies with our mothers and grandmothers for the special holiday occasion?

Finally, the most timeless holiday gift idea of all is that of giving money. When all else fails, money is seldom, if ever, turned away as a gift. No matter how fashion and technology changes, money or it’s equivalent will always remain as a good and thoughtful, and especially timeless, gift to give. In fact, money is the number one requested item no matter what the holiday season being celebrated is!