A Professional Party Planner’s Guide to Classroom Parties

In my humble opinion, planning an elementary or preschool classroom party is both fun and equally challenging. Whatever the event is, whether it’s Halloween, Christmas or the end of the school year, your creativity will definitely be tested to make the planning fun and the party a success. The great thing about it is that most of your efforts will be greatly appreciated since you’ll have kids as your guests, more appreciated compared when hosting parties for adults.

Getting help is the best first move to consider. You and the rest of the parents as well as the teachers should be on the same page and would agree with a theme and a general plan for the party. Good planning and communicating early with the people involved in preparing for the party helps you avoid potential problems and hassles later on.

To avoid getting too excited, you can ask the teacher for help in getting ideas on the foods to be served, decorations or party theme the children may like as well as on how to budget the party as well. Parents can agree to bring a certain menu for the party and take part in the decorations and activity planning or pay equal amounts to cover food and other aspects of the party.

Activities and games is another thing to plan for the party. Make the event for the kids alone and mesmerize with glee as you see them enjoy in the party that you have taken part in planning. Having simple surprise gifts for your kids that will be given during the party would be a nice idea as well.

Get more kids party ideas from this helpful video.


Organizing a Caped Crusader-Themed Party

Photo credit: Zach Copley via Flickr

Photo credit: Zach Copley via Flickr

There’s no doubt that one of the world’s most favorite superheroes is that Caped Crusader who actually doesn’t have any superpowers: Batman. As all his fans know he’s the alter-ego of Bruce Wayne and, through his genius and with tons of money at his disposal, he fashioned out not only his own suit but also his cool weapons, including that nifty Batmobile.

If your kid is celebrating his birthday soon and he’s a big fan of the Dark Knight, then organizing a Batman-themed party for him will surely make him a happy camper. Putting it together doesn’t really take much, just some time and sweat. To make the planning a lot easier, you can follow these tips:

Set the theme

Since it’s a themed birthday bash, the party venue has to look the part, meaning it has to have that environment that’s undoubtedly off a Batman scene, and what better way to decorate the venue than by making it look like Gotham City. Well, you don’t have to build miniature buildings to make the venue look like that fictional city. You can just have images of it printed out on large tarpaulins and hung on the walls. That’s one idea, anyway. You can also hang dangling plastic bats on the ceiling.

Make sure the guests come in their Batman costumes

This doesn’t mean that they’ll all come as the Caped Crusader. Some may come as one of the villains like The Joker, Two-Face, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, or The Riddler. If you don’t want two people wearing the same costume at the party, you can put up a costume registry online wherein the first person that chooses a costume has it for himself and no one else can take it.

Be creative with the invites

When sending out invitations for the bash, you don’t have to give the persons you’re inviting the same design. Some invites may be shaped as a bat, while others can have the contour of the characters from the Batman franchise.

Have an exciting program

To make it more exciting, don’t just serve food. Organize a program that will feature riddles and puzzles to solve for the guests. Make sure to give away prizes that are also in keeping with the party theme.

Photo credit: Russ via Flickr

Photo credit: Russ via Flickr

Serve great food

Of course, what’s a party without good food? And since it’s a children’s party, you don’t have to go too formal with the culinary delights you’re going to serve. You can bake a Batman cake and give your little guests sweet treats to take home with them.

As long as you put your heart and time in it, putting together a Batman party can be a breeze.

Things to Consider When Attending a Party

So, you’ve been invited to an event or even asked to help organize it. It may be a huge birthday bash, a surprise bachelor’s or bachelorette’s party, an anniversary with friends and family, or a small gathering with attendees you can count with your fingers. You agree to become a part of it and thank the host for the invitation. What next?

Karas Party Ideas.jpg

Photo Credit: Kara’s Party Ideas via Pinterest

Regardless of the type of party you’ve committed your participation or attendance to, it is important that you to ensure that you will be there, look your best and have fun from start to finish. Many people have their own routine that you can apply on your own as well, in order to be sure that you rock that party.

The moment you’ve agreed to be in someone’s guest list, make sure you squeeze it in your schedule. Most often, we know when a good time will be and when your job or other commitments won’t allow it. Committing your attendance to this event would mean a lot to the host, so make sure you mark your calendar. Unless something really more important comes up, focus on being there on that day.

Commit to looking good, smelling good and feeling good on the day of the party. Plan to don a nice outfit that fits the occasion. Polish your footwear. Wear a perfume. Be sure your confidence level is up on this day. You’ll be meeting the host, the celebrant, your friends and acquaintances, and even make new ones. It pays to pay attention to your overall appearance. Try to be in a good mood for this day as well, particularly if it is a formal occasion or one with a particular significance to you.

the gunny sack.jpg

Photo Credit: The Gunny Sack via Pinterest

Ready your gifts, if any. Take the time to learn about your recipient’s hobbies and interest, and then shop for the perfect present. You don’t want to get some generic item you see on an online shop. A well-thought gift speaks volumes about you. Make sure it is something that your receiver will appreciate. In not-so-formal get-togethers, you may be asked to contribute some party supplies. Be sure to search for Parties Online when looking for top quality items.

If you’re someone who isn’t particularly good at striking a conversation and making friends with strangers, it pays to know the people in the guest list. If it’s not something you’ll know from your circle, politely ask your host. Having an idea about the attendees can help you become better prepared for the individuals you will be meeting or rekindling lost ties with.

Coming on time matters! If you try to switch roles with the party host, you know you’ll never appreciate people who don’t commit to the time that has been set. This is particularly true if you have been requested to accomplish some tasks. Show that you appreciate the invitation and are interested to do the part you’ve been asked by showing up on time.

Days before the actual event, anything can happen. If it becomes impossible for you to be present in the party, be sure to inform your host. It is your way of paying courtesy to the person or persons who have thought about making you a part of their special celebration.

Great Indoor Party Game Ideas for Kids

Parties for kids are great and fun events to be at. However, not all kid parties are done outdoors and guaranteed with sunshine and room to run around and play. Thus, it is also important to have a good stock of indoor party games for the birthday celebrant and the guests for a fun birthday party!

Here are a few fun games you can have for your indoor party as well as in any group activities or classroom activities involving children. There is a general rule to follow though. Always have more games available, props and all that the number you think you might need.


Photo Credit: Popsugar via Pinterest

Balloon Pop

Balloons are considered as staple in parties. Popping them is noisy, frantic and offers lots of fun. It is also a simple game that can be done without having to worry about too many accessories and props. With a few set of chairs that you already have prepared for the party and tons of balloons to pop, it would really be an entertaining game to do indoors. One thing to remember though is to have enough balloons available as give-away at the end of the party.

Batman party games

Boys and girls alike would love to have some action and their favorite superhero included in the games that they play during a birthday party. Batman is indeed one of those characters every little boy and girl would love to have. Party game ideas might include mimicking Batman’s moves or playing dress-up. Have several colored papers, tapes and other accessories that the kids may need to create their own batman costumes or masks. Be sure to have an adult for each group or child available to supervise them most especially with scissors involved. You can even have a Batman painting contest to be able to allow the kids to enjoy while the adults dine or have a peace and quiet time during the party.

Musical numbers

Music is a very essential necessity for parties and there are a lot of games and activities that can be done with music. These include musical chairs and stop dance – both very entertaining games that will surely up the vibe in any party. Parents can also grab the chance to take videos of their kids while they strut their dancing skills on the dance floor.

Building games

You do not have to provide accessories to be able to pull-off this party intermission. Popsicle stick, playing cards, building blocks, boxes and even pillows will do. You can also ask the kids to build a tall building out or uncooked pasta noodles and marshmallows. Bigger kids would definitely enjoy some competition and their creativity and resourcefulness will definitely tested with this game.

Treasure hunt

Children of all ages love finding hidden treats and objects – especially if there is a prize at stake. Put some clues on slips of paper, on your party decorations, inside balloons and other accessories in your party venue. Place the first clues in areas that can be easily noticed and make the next ones a little bit harder to find. The prize could actually be the treasure that they are looking for. Small treats like candies, toys and the like are more than enough to keep the kids excited and enthusiastic to find the treasure.

Entertaining kids in an indoor party does not need to be complicated. Simple fun ideas can bring a lot of fun for any party, whether it is hosted inside or out in the sun.

How to Plan the Perfect Birthday Party for Your Kids

Birthday parties are like travelling. Half the time is spent getting there is as fun as the party itself. It can be stressful as well, but in the end, it will be all worth it. Deciding on the theme, the decorations, food, the venue and the activities that will make the day even more memorable is as equally important as the day of the party and celebration itself.


Photo Credit: Babble via Pinterest

Even with a big or small party, children in general will definitely feel special as long as you and the people surrounding them exert efforts in making them feel special. The key here is starting your planning early. The sooner you plan, the less things you have to worry about on the day of the celebration itself.

Here are some key tips to remember when planning for your kid’s party.

Always ask the celebrant

The birthday child will most likely have an idea of what kind of party he wants for his birthday. Thus it is important to consider his opinion in planning. Ask him about the theme and how he would want the party to go. You can even bring him along when shopping for decorations and other items for the party. This helps in spreading the anticipation. It will also be an experience that he’ll enjoy sharing with friends and families.


Photo Credit: boutiqueit.blogspot.com via Pinterest

Plan as early as 6 weeks ahead

The earlier your plan the more time you’ll have to attend to several things for the party. You can start drawing up the guest list, confirming dates with guests that your child would want to be really present in the celebration as well as reserving for the venue in case you plan to do it outside your home. You can also start deciding on the games, activities and food that will be served during the party. Decorations can be prepared as early as this time frame to reduce the activities that you would need to attend to as the day of the party draws near.

Mail invitations 2-3 weeks ahead

It would be better to mail invitations as early as possible to ensure that the guests can still find time to adjust their schedule with the day of your child’s birthday celebration. You can also start purchasing party goods by this time as well as the party favors that you’ll need for the celebration. Arranging for extra help can be done during this time as well to clear out any possible conflicts in schedule.

Confirm with your guests a well before the party

It would be better to confirm with your guests a week before the party to be able to estimate the amount of food to be prepared during the party. Sitting arrangements can also be adjusted if your guests decide to bring a plus one or more. Confirm the date, time, attire and extra items to bring like towels and extra clothes in case you plan in hosting a swimming party.

Time and duration of the party

You do not have to feel pressured to entertain for several hours. Parties for toddlers and preschoolers should be kept around an hour or two. School-age kids on the other hand can have as much as four hours. This should be mention in your invitation as well so that your guest can still plan other activities, in case they have to, for the rest of that day.

Your children can have the best party they can have with careful and early planning. Their involvement also counts a lot in making their birthday celebration a success.

The Life of The Party: Party Planning 101

Planning a party can be overwhelming most especially if you do it alone. However, it should not be that way since we all should be celebrating life, live and a whole lot more in parties. Planning for the event can be as fun and entertaining as the party itself, with the right planning and the right people included in it.


Photo Credit: Etsy via Pinterest

To lessen the stress that comes to preparing parties, here are some of the tips you can follow.

Plan ahead

Planning can be as early as two months away from the event if you would really want to invite a lot of people and really throw a big party for the celebrant. Be sure to include the celebrant in the planning stage to get a grasp of what he wants and what he might like for his birthday or for any other occasion coming up. The theme, date and time, venue and type of entertainment can be preliminary planned during this stage. A guest list should also be prepared as early as this. You can also set a budget for the party so that you can plan and work around this said budget.

Be in the loop

As soon as you have agreed with the budget, the guests, venue and entertainment, you should consider preparing the necessary items that will ensure that these would be implemented. Start sending your guest lists and make sure to confirm if they are going to get an idea of how much food and accommodation to prepare. Make the initial reservations and deposits as well for the venue and entertainment that you would want for your event to ensure that you have already secured the date and time for this area. Doing this ahead of time allows you to change plans in case the entertainer or venue that you want is not available. You’ll have plenty of time to look for a new one by doing so. To stay in the look, keep a check-list on hand to write down notes and cross out the items that you have already done.

Deciding on food options

Make sure that you are aware of certain allergies or food preferences of your guest prior to picking a menu for the event. Have several options of viands and treat to ensure that your guest, no matter how picky they might be, won’t starve on your event. The location on where your food will be served and stored is also essential to ensure that it stays clean and would not spoil during the event.

Preparing for decorations

Party supplies are also very essential for celebrations of any kind. It brings color and fun to the venue which will most likely highlight any celebration. Order them as early as two weeks before the event to reduce your activities and things to look after to as the celebration draws nears. These include even the most little of details like party cups, piñatas and plastic wares.

party planning

Photo Credit: therefurbishedlife.com via Pinterest

Double Check

Confirm your reservations and guests as well as your entertainers 3-4 days before the event just to make sure that everything will be on schedule during the party itself.

Planning for the party as early as possible save you from the worries and stress that you have to endure that comes with a restricted time frame in planning. This also allows you to enjoy the party itself, the fruit of your labor, hard work and creativity.