Great Backyard Fun Activities for Children

Summer is not the only time for you to enjoy having a great time outdoors. Every time of the year is a great time to celebrate and have fun especially if you are celebrating with your family. While some children may prefer spending summer at a camp or having piano lessons during school break, there can be a lot of fun and entertaining activities one can do on their own backyard. Whether you have a five-year-old or a teenager, you can keep your children occupied and entertained, right at the outdoors of your home, all year-round.

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Photo Credit: Frugal Fun for Kids via Pinterest

For summer, you can consider having a cook out outdoors. You can even camp outdoors at the comfort of your backyard. You get to enjoy watching the stars while enjoying barbeque and hot marshmallows while having the comforts of your toilet and technology just a few steps away from your camping tents. Spend time outdoors to see how beautiful your home can be at night, even outdoors.

You can also consider building an activity area on your own backyard. You might want to build a tree house where your little ones can pretend house, have a place where they can bring in friends to play without having to clutter your homes or simply have a recluse whenever they feel having.


Photo Credit: A Girl and A Glue Gun via Pinterest

During the rainy days, going outdoors seems to be a bore with the rain and the wind tripping with the activities you could possible enjoy outdoors. You can have a friendly game of soccer or baseball or simply enjoy the rain outdoors when there’s no wind or when thunder and lightning is not present. Just be sure to dose up your kids with Vitamins and have them take a nice warm bath after enjoying time under the rain. You can also make your back porch a place where you and your kids can drink hot chocolate and enjoy good conversation while watching the rain.

For the rest of the year, you can actually pull of several activities that you and your children may enjoy doing outdoors. Painting the fence can be a fun chore if done with the rest of the family. Starting out a vegetable garden is also a nice idea, or perhaps flower beds on your front lawn and your backyard would be as well. Introducing you children with different kind of sports might actually trigger a passion for that sport in your kids.

Exposing your kids to the possibilities and experiences  that they may enjoy and be interested in outdoors is your chance of giving them opportunities to discover more about themselves. Being there to guide and to enjoy together with them as they discover the possibilities outdoors is an experience any parent should not miss.