It was never in my personality to write or to share my thoughts to people, most especially online. However, after getting married and experiencing what motherhood is all about, I realized that there is more to life and everything in between, and most of it is worth sharing to people. I also believe in the advocacy of empowering women. Staying at home does not mean that we are the lesser gender or that we do not enjoy having a career of our own. Motherhood and the calling that comes with becoming a parent just happen to be on top of my list. Luckily, I also have a husband who is a very good provider and who also supports me in my aspiration to teach and guide our son and also become the best parents that we can ever be. I have nothing against career women who had to endure leaving their kids at home. I feel for you. It just so happen that we have different paths to take and play in life.

Like I’ve said, I was never one to blog or share anything to almost anyone. But with all the good and the not-so–good things in life, I realized that it wouldn’t hurt to share a new discovered knowledge to a fellow mother who might happen to be in the same situation that you were. It is also a joy to share wonderful things that my kids do, as well as bits and pieces about some of the wonderful people that I had the chance of meeting. So if it’s worth sharing, it will definitely be featured in my blog.

My passion in graphic arts also opened opportunities for me to be part of the special moments of the people around my neighborhood. I want to share that talent more to people who might need it, and this blog is definitely a platform for me to be able to do that.

Now, I enjoy juggling my time preparing my kids for the upcoming school year while accepting a few graphic design and party inquiries from close friends and relatives. All of these are whole-heartedly shared to my readers — the facts, the failures, tips, experiences and the feeling that came in-between every pulsing beat of excitement that I enjoy having when doing these things that I love.


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