Why Wooden Toys are the Perfect Toys


Photo Credit: Glenn Mills via Pinterest

With two young children, we found it difficult to find toys that were built to last, stood the test of time and maintained the interest of our children. Wooden toys do just that, and because our children like them so much we set up a business selling wooden toys and gifts.


Wooden toys are built to stand continuous and prolonged use, not like some plastic toys which only seem to last five minutes before one bit or another gets damaged and then they are resigned to the bin.


Wooden toys have been around for years and continue to stand the test of time. Whilst other games come and go, the doll’s house, rocking horse or wooden toy-shop will always remain a firm favorite with children offering hours of fun after the latest craze has been and gone.


Role-playing toys in particular feed the imagination and help bring to life the sense of adventure children is often looking for, be it dressing up as Superman or pretending to be a pirate on the high seas.

Value for Money

Long lasting yet affordable, it really is worth spending money on wooden toys. There are many toys available at less than £10, even the most substantial toy can be bought for under £100. This is very little when compared to computers and other electronic toys, particularly when the games are extra.


Not only are wooden toys durable, traditional, education and value for money, most important of all they are fun to play with, ensuring your child will be occupied and entertained for hours at a time.


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