A Glimpse into Chinese New Year Celebrations

Spring Festival or popularly known as the Chinese New Year is one of the most important traditional festivals in Australia. It is also the time of the year where families gather and a week of official public holiday is enjoyed in the country.


Photo  Credit: BlogLovin via Pinterest

This 2017, Chinese New Year will be celebrated early because it falls on January 28, a Saturday. The date is not always the same every year since it is based on the Chinese lunar calendar and not the Gregorian calendar that we use. The celebrations will start from the eve of January 27 and will last until the 2nd of February.

Why do people celebrate Chinese New Year?

There are many interesting legends and stories narrating the start of the Chinese New Year festival, but the it basically has two main reasons. This is the time to celebrate after a year of hard work, time to have a good rest and relax with the family. It is also a way to welcome a new lucky and prosperous new year ahead.

Most of the time Chinese New Year in Australia is celebrated by having a reunion party together with the family where red envelopes with cash are being given away. There are a lot of fireworks and colorful decorations are being put up. Chinese New Year decorations DIY projects are also showcased during this occasion. Modern celebrations on the other hand include watch the CCTV Gala, exchanging greetings via instant messages and cyber money gifts.

Lia Griffith.jpg

Photo Credit: Lia Griffith via Pinterest

Buildings, houses and streets are decorated with red lucky items. Every street, building and house, in China is decorated with red. Red is the main color of the festival because it is believed to be a symbol of luck and prosperity. Some of the most common decorations used for the festivities are red paper lanterns, red couplets pasted on doors and entrances and New Year pictures depicting images of prosperity.

A lot of traditions are also being practiced during the Chinese New Year’s Eve. Last year, the Year of the Monkey, most decorations were decorated with items and images related to monkeys.

As the New Year approach, several practices are also being implemented depending on the animal and the element that is prominently powerful according to Feng Shui. Most businesses are really keen in being able to adhere  to these practices to invite and bring a more prosperous year for their business.

Chinese New Year is a time for family, a time to relax from work and a time to get back to their roots and traditions as they welcome a more prosperous and healthy year ahead.


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