Halloween Props You Must Have this Halloween 2016

This is the perfect time to ponder and start putting up your Halloween decorations. Halloween is just a week away and most of your neighbors might have already set-up their yard to look like a grotesque sanctuary. Be ready to terrify and be the talk of the town today. Be ready to create a creepy vibe and psyche your neighbors with the best Halloween decoration you can pull off this Halloween 2016.

Allow your trick or treaters to jump and get their fair deal of a scare as you decorate your yard and home with Halloween props that will surely give them the creeps. Halloween is indeed the opportunity for you to create a dramatic and truly haunting appeal for your home. Here are some of the best and trending Halloween decors you must have this year in and out of your home.

Bag of Bones


Photo Credit: Flickr via Pinterest

A classic feature that any Halloweens scene must have are bags of bones. You can place them indoors, on your front door or most of the times in your yard. You can actually buy a kit of bones on your local Halloween store such as Party Supplies Online Australia or even Amazon. It would be advisable to get a life-sized one if you will be using it on your yard, while smaller ones would be suitable indoors.

Mega Spider Web

Giant Spider Web.jpg

Photo Credit: Shelly Livingston via Pinterest

Instead of the usual spider web decorations that you can spray on your windows and walls, you can make things even more impressive by creating a gigantic one on your yard. You simply need a few meters of rope tied from your roof to different points in your yard to create a giant spider web. A gigantic spider will definitely complete the look. Simply get a big beach ball or styroball and attach legs onto it. Pain it with black and allow black painted cotton balls to stick together with the paint to achieve the terrifying texture spiders have.

Skull Wreaths


Photo Credit: Etsy via Pinterest

Skull wreaths are also becoming a favorite Halloween décor this year not only because of its frightening effect but because it is easy to do and light on the budget. Insert your small skulls into a wire and then bend it to form a circular wreath. Paint it in black or you can even have glitters on it and then simply hang it on your front door. You can place electronic candles inside to make them glow at night.

Halloween Christmas Tree

Bombshell Bling.jpg

Photo Credit: Bombshell Bling via Pinterest

We all love Christmas Trees and we even put them up as early as September. Instead of having to hide them during Halloween, it would be better to transform it into a Halloween Christmas Tree instead. Instead of the usually glittery red and green ornaments that we are used to seeing for Christmas, we can cover our Christmas trees with Jack-o-lanterns, cobwebs instead of garland and small skulls instead of Christmas balls. Once Halloween is over, we can simply replace them with our usual Christmas decors.

With these easy to do ideas in mind, decorating in style for Halloween can be done as easy as 1,2, 3 and as stylish as 10 without breaking your budgets.



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