Affordable Baby Shower Decorations for Your Next Party Event

Having a baby is one of the most unforgettable moments in a woman’s life. Motherhood is indeed one of the best stages in a woman’s life worth investing at. Make the coming of your baby a celebration to remember and cherish by throwing a baby shower?

However, some couples would rather save up their money for the actual conception of the baby rather than throwing a celebration for the event. Worry no more because you can still celebrate and throw a party for this special event in your life with these smart and affordable party ideas in this article.


Photo Credit: Closer Online via Pinterest

Do your research

Being an upcoming mother allows you to have more time for yourself and the coming baby. Take advantage of this time to do some internet research to find great and adorable ideas for your baby shower for free. You can also get ideas on cheap and easy to do baby shower decoration ideas for your party. If you spend some time doing research and planning for the event, you will realize that you can actually throw an event without having to spend too much.

Consider DIY

There are a lot of fun and easy to do baby shower decoration ideas you can see online. You can use your empty baby food jars as votives for candles that can be used to decorate the party venue. Print pin ups of diapers and onesies and attach them like clothes in a clothesline as decorations for your party area. A mother to be can have fun while doing this for the event. As for the invitations, consider creating an online invitation instead. With some creative ideas on the internet, you can make a really nice invitation and send it easily through e-mail or via our social media accounts. You’ll save time and resources if you’ll have your invitations prepared and sent in this method.

Go for simple decorations


Photo Credit: Lacey via Pinterest

You don’t need to spend too much for your party decorations. You can use balloons, the ones you can buy from bookstores and party supply shop as your main decorative piece for the baby shower. You can have inflatable balloons tied to baby shampoos or baby bottles or simply your chairs as decorations for the party. Creating flower bouquets and other decorative pieces from balloons can easily be pulled off with balloon decorating ideas available on YouTube. You can even decorate your tables with small balloons gathered in a bun and use them as center pieces.

Serve light goodies for your party


Photo Credit: Madame Noire via Pinterest

Food is one of the most expensive aspects you need to consider when having a party. It would be advisable to have a tea party of sorts rather than a lunch or dinner party to be able to stick to your budget when it comes to the food for your guests. Instead of serving full meals, you can prepare snacks likes baked goodies, salads and light dishes for your guests. What matters is that your guests won’t go hungry during the event and they are sufficiently entertained.

Baby shower parties, with the people you love and care for you need not be extravagant. Simple decorations, great food and the best companions is more than enough to make any simple celebration a hit.



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