DIY Halloween Props for Your Next Halloween Celebration

Halloween is just a few months away and the thought of being able to scare the kids around the area, and even their parents is just something to look forward to. However, spending too much on your scare props might be dangerous for your pockets. Aim to save but scare the neighborhood kids this Halloween by testing your handyman skills.

If you are the DIY type or you would want to explore this creative side of yours, starting with DIY Halloween props is the best way to start testing your creative juices. Here are some tips you can follow to transform your home and your backyard into a Friday the 13 fiasco this coming Halloween.

Home BNC.jpg

Photo Credit: Home BNC via Pinterest

For starters, decide on which theme would you go for this coming Halloween. You can go with the usual skeletons, chopped torso and hands, flying ghosts, skulls, zombies, demons and witches. You can pump up the action with audio and lighting effects, or even with fog effects as you complete your spooky ensemble.

Clear your yard with hazardous items that may spoil the fun in scaring your neighbors. They may get too spooked and trip over stones and other items in your yard. Avoid accidents while enjoying frightening people.

One great Halloween prop idea you can do at home are floating spirits. Simply create a life-sized doll and have it in black. If you have an old mannequin lying around your attic, cover it with black paint or clothing. Dress it up with a long cape gown with a hood to look like a mysterious being cloaked in the night. Have several of these in your yard and you are assured that most of your neighbors would probably think twice stepping in your area during Halloween night.

Halloween pumpkins are also considered to be traditional Halloween decorations most houses have. To make yours unique and original from the rest, you can hang your pumpkins in a tree in your front lawn. Install electric candles or battery operated lights on the eye portion of your pumpkin to make it look fierce and scary most especially during night time.


Photo Credit: Pikore via Pinterest

Your costume for Halloween is another important aspect to consider for you to be able to complete the look for the occasion. You can simply buy a mask and call it a day or create something even more interesting and scary for fright night. Test your make-up application tips by trying one of those “Attack on Titan” scary Titan look or paint your face to look like a skeleton or a deformed beast. There are a lot of make-up tutorial tricks you can view online. You still have a lot of time to practice and you’ll probably pull-off a monstrous look even without superb make-up skills to boot.

Stick with a simple and classic theme for your Halloween decorating ideas and see your talent flourish and bloom as you perfect the art of scaring this coming Halloween.


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