A Professional Party Planner’s Guide to Classroom Parties

In my humble opinion, planning an elementary or preschool classroom party is both fun and equally challenging. Whatever the event is, whether it’s Halloween, Christmas or the end of the school year, your creativity will definitely be tested to make the planning fun and the party a success. The great thing about it is that most of your efforts will be greatly appreciated since you’ll have kids as your guests, more appreciated compared when hosting parties for adults.

Getting help is the best first move to consider. You and the rest of the parents as well as the teachers should be on the same page and would agree with a theme and a general plan for the party. Good planning and communicating early with the people involved in preparing for the party helps you avoid potential problems and hassles later on.

To avoid getting too excited, you can ask the teacher for help in getting ideas on the foods to be served, decorations or party theme the children may like as well as on how to budget the party as well. Parents can agree to bring a certain menu for the party and take part in the decorations and activity planning or pay equal amounts to cover food and other aspects of the party.

Activities and games is another thing to plan for the party. Make the event for the kids alone and mesmerize with glee as you see them enjoy in the party that you have taken part in planning. Having simple surprise gifts for your kids that will be given during the party would be a nice idea as well.

Get more kids party ideas from this helpful video.


A Professional Party Planner’s Guide to Hosting an Oktoberfest Party

One of the most interesting and fun parties for adults these days are drinking parties. And one of the most popular of them all is the Oktoberfest. The popularity of the event has grown even bigger through the last few decades and is now celebrated in different places around the globe. People are generally coming in thousands to witness and experience the event, not only in Munich but all over the globe.

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While most adults would enjoy a fashionable cocktail party or have wine and cheese while chatting with friends, the fun that comes with Oktoberfest parties are just so entertaining, the event remains to be so enticing.

However, not all are lucky enough to be able to fund their vacation this October and be in one of the several Oktoberfest parties across the globe. But that alone is not enough to stop you from enjoying. You can actually throw an Oktoberfest party of your own right on your backyard or in a place preferred by you and your guests. Here are some professional planner’s tips on how to host an amazing Oktoberfest party that everyone will remember and be talking about.

Tip #1 – You will need way more ice for your Oktoberfest party than you think you will.  The standard rule of thumb is to have about a pound of ice per guest who will be in attendance.  However, I believe even a bit more is advisable. If the budget permits, hiring an ice machine would be a great idea.

Tip #2 – Oktoberfest party décor is a must.  Yu can hang a few colorful bon bons, giant sized beers ar buckets filled with ice and your favorite beer. You can practically check out Australia’s Parties Online for the perfect decorating pieces for this event.

Tip #3 – The most important part of your Oktoberfest party planning is making sure you have enough supplies on hand.  The most important of these supplies is your alcoholic beverages.  A good bar should be stocked with the ingredients for each of your friend’s favorite drinks, or as a basic level at least those used to make the most popular drinks of the day, plus beer and wine.  You can also ask guest to bring a bucket of beer so that you can have enough supply for your party. Food should also be put into consideration. Ask if guests can bring a kilo of meet each or any finger food that everyone would enjoy in the party. You can throw a BBQ party together with your Oktoberfest celebration to keep your guests full and entertained the whole time.

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Tip #5 – When you are hosting a party where alcohol is consumed, you should always offer food and coffee to your guests as well as make sure they have a designated driver to get them home safely.  Please do not ever let your guests drink and drive.  It’s not safe for them and the other people on the road.  Letting them go home drunk is a party bummer so might as well invite your guests for an overnight event and have spare room or cushions available where they can crash after the party.

You can have an evening of adult fun and drinking and experience your own version of an Oktoberfest party without having to fly out the country with this useful party tips.