Organizing a Caped Crusader-Themed Party

Photo credit: Zach Copley via Flickr

Photo credit: Zach Copley via Flickr

There’s no doubt that one of the world’s most favorite superheroes is that Caped Crusader who actually doesn’t have any superpowers: Batman. As all his fans know he’s the alter-ego of Bruce Wayne and, through his genius and with tons of money at his disposal, he fashioned out not only his own suit but also his cool weapons, including that nifty Batmobile.

If your kid is celebrating his birthday soon and he’s a big fan of the Dark Knight, then organizing a Batman-themed party for him will surely make him a happy camper. Putting it together doesn’t really take much, just some time and sweat. To make the planning a lot easier, you can follow these tips:

Set the theme

Since it’s a themed birthday bash, the party venue has to look the part, meaning it has to have that environment that’s undoubtedly off a Batman scene, and what better way to decorate the venue than by making it look like Gotham City. Well, you don’t have to build miniature buildings to make the venue look like that fictional city. You can just have images of it printed out on large tarpaulins and hung on the walls. That’s one idea, anyway. You can also hang dangling plastic bats on the ceiling.

Make sure the guests come in their Batman costumes

This doesn’t mean that they’ll all come as the Caped Crusader. Some may come as one of the villains like The Joker, Two-Face, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, or The Riddler. If you don’t want two people wearing the same costume at the party, you can put up a costume registry online wherein the first person that chooses a costume has it for himself and no one else can take it.

Be creative with the invites

When sending out invitations for the bash, you don’t have to give the persons you’re inviting the same design. Some invites may be shaped as a bat, while others can have the contour of the characters from the Batman franchise.

Have an exciting program

To make it more exciting, don’t just serve food. Organize a program that will feature riddles and puzzles to solve for the guests. Make sure to give away prizes that are also in keeping with the party theme.

Photo credit: Russ via Flickr

Photo credit: Russ via Flickr

Serve great food

Of course, what’s a party without good food? And since it’s a children’s party, you don’t have to go too formal with the culinary delights you’re going to serve. You can bake a Batman cake and give your little guests sweet treats to take home with them.

As long as you put your heart and time in it, putting together a Batman party can be a breeze.


Party Preparation Ideas

birthday party

Cute birthday party! Photo credit: gomagoti via Flickr

If you have already experienced hosting a party in the past, I’m sure you are well aware that successful gatherings do not happen in an instant.

For the most part, such parties require weeks (or even months!) of planning and preparation. You really have to check all the details to make sure that nothing important gets forgotten along the way. For many, creating a checklist is an effective way to make sure that they stay on top of things.

Having experienced throwing a lot of parties myself, I think I have a few things to share for anyone who wants to have a positive experience as a party organizer. Allow me to list down four essential items that often spell out the difference between ordinary shindigs with extraordinary ones.

Distribute Invitations Ahead of Time

This is pretty basic but believe it or not, a lot of organizers sometimes fail to do this the right way. What they do is to send out invitation cards about a week or two before the event. This is a common pitfall you should really avoid. Sending your cards earlier than that will allow busy participants to make adjustments to their schedules. More of your guests will make it as you inform them in advance.

Use the Right Decorations

Sometimes, all the attention goes to the food and activities to the point that decorations only become an afterthought. This shouldn’t be the case at all!

Decorations can give your home (or wherever your venue is) that party vibe so never neglect its importance. If you think you’re too busy, why not assign the task to someone else? Work with someone creative and you’ll be surprised with how a few decorations can transform a simple location to an actual party place.

Otherwise, you can simply browse party supplies online and buy from trusted party shops that can deliver what you need straight to your door.

Choose Music Carefully

Another proven party fact is that people will either have a good or miserable time depending on your music selection. You have to know your audience and consider their different tastes when it comes to music.

Creating a playlist can be extremely helpful since it allows you to sift the music early on. Also, check your players and the speakers just to make sure that they are working properly.

Send Thank You Cards

Yes, sending thank you cards are still a “must” in our times. Guests are mostly very appreciative when you, as the party planner, eventually express gratitude for their presence as well as any help they may have extended on your behalf.

Anyone can organize a party but there are some things that separate a first-timer from an expert. For once, adding the extra touch makes a huge difference for many. If you pay attention to the important details, it’s a guarantee that your party will be a huge success.

Throwing A Surprise Father’s Day Party: Affordable Tips

Our Fathers are very important people in our lives – that’s why it also important to go all out and spend this special day with them. For this year, throwing a surprise party for your Dad can be possible – even at a budget.

Here are some Surprise Father’s Day ideas you can do for that special man in your life.

the yellowhouse365.jpg

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

Remember your audience

Know what your father or husband may like in terms of gifts and parties. Remember who that party is for. Would they prefer a casual party, a party limited to your friends and family members or a party outdoors. You can then plan on how you can surprise them effectively by knowing the things that you need to prepare ahead of time. As for invites, you can send out e-mails of private messages via SMS to keep it a secret.

Guests list

Be sure to include the guests that your father would definitely want to have for the party. This can be their favorite cousin, a colleague, the newspaper delivery boy of his barber. Be sure to include the people he would definitely love to be with but do not have the pleasure of time to spend most of his time.


Decorations can be as simple as bon bons selection via Parties Online. No need for balloons or expensive decorations. Use the budget for the decorations for a gift that your father would really love.

Food and drinks


Photo Credit: Buzzfeed via Pinterest

All dads love good food and cold beers. So let them forget their diet for a day and enjoy steaks freshly cooked from your oven and cold beer from your cooler. If Dad happens to be the grill master, allow him to rest and relax for a day by doing the job for him. Let the steaks, burgers and ribs fill the tables and enjoy a great barbeque party together with your fathers.


Their favorite movie, a basketball or football game or a day of Playstation is pretty much an interesting way to entertain your father on his special day. Beer pong or a game of golf might also be scheduled especially if they enjoy doing such activities.

If we can all afford a ticket to the Golden State Warriors vs Cavaliers game, we would all splurge and buy those special men in your lives whatever they may desire. However, we can also do a few interesting and fun activities that can touch their hearts and make their day without having to spend too much.

How to Come Up with the Perfect Surprise Hen Party for Your Best Friend

If your best friend is getting married soon and you are planning to throw a hen party for her, a surprise party would probably be the best idea. It’s unique and it will surely offer the bride-to-be and your circle of friends memories that will not be easily forgotten. With time flying by so fast and schedules getting tighter, however, how do you pull off the perfect surprise party? Here are some tips:

Jenn Salmon-Meyer.jpg

Photo Credit: Jenn Salmon-Meyer via Pinterest

Timing is of the Essence

The timing of the party is crucial in order for the element of surprise to be in full effect. Most hen parties are held a week or a few days before the wedding, so it won’t really be that big of a surprise for your friend if you go with tradition. What you would want to do instead is hold the party well in advance of the wedding – at least a couple of months before the big day. It will be more of a surprise for your best friend because she won’t be expecting it at all.

Don’t Leave People Clueless

A lot of attempted hen surprise parties fail because some of the bride-to-be’s friends or relatives are not aware of the plan and end up ruining everything by blurting out something. To prevent the beans from spilling, make sure you let everyone know that the party is going to be a surprise. Whether you’re going to spread the news through phone call, text message, e-mail, or social media, see to it everybody is reminded.

Simply Kelly Designs.jpg

Photo Credit: Simply Kelly Designs via Pinterest

Remove Any Obstacle

Again, timing is everything, and when planning a surprise hen party, see to it that you find out first what your friend’s work schedule looks like. In most cases, the bride-to-be would have some input on the party plan. But, since it’s a surprise party, you as the organizer are the one you will make sure the date of the event won’t overlap with important work schedules. For instance, it would be a bad idea to have the party a night before a big presentation at work. Perhaps you can talk to her colleagues or even to her supervisor or manager to make sure there won’t be any heavy tasks for the bride on the day and the day after the party.

Set Up a Decoy

Arranging a fake outing is one of the most effective ways to divert the bride’s attention and make sure that she won’t have a bit of a clue that there’s a surprise brewing up. You can enlist the help of some of your friends or even of her fiancé. This is also an excellent way to make sure she’ll reserve the date and surely be there for the surprise party.

Put Yourself in Her Shoes

Finally, to make sure the bride-to-be end up enjoying the surprise party thrown for her, put yourself in her shoes during the planning phase. This means carefully considering the guest list, the menu, and the activities for the event. As her best friend, you should know well enough who she wants and do not want to be in the guest list. You should also know well enough what type of party food she would want to be in the menu and what kind of activities she would want to enjoy with her friends.

If you can keep these things in mind when planning for the event, you can definitely be sure to have the perfect surprise hen party for your bride-to-be best friend!