Top Toys Every Kid Should Have Right Now

In today’s digital age wherein everyone is ‘wired’, including kids, there are some toys which are neglected. Unfortunately, these toys can help the young ones in their formative years. While we appreciate the wonders of technology, it is important to note that the ‘old – school’ toys have tremendous benefits and that is why we encourage parents to have few of these items for the children. Kids being too exposed with tablets, Smartphones and other technological advances have less attention span and less social skills, something parents should avoid happening.


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Balls are very helpful, most especially for toddlers. And since a lot of sports use balls, it’s a good practice while they are still young. Just make sure that it’s the perfect size and weight for your kids as we want to avoid getting hurt. Playing with balls also encourages them to go outdoors. Engaging in outdoor activities should be a must for a growing child.

Building Blocks

There are a lot of benefits of having building blocks. It can improve children’s spatial kills. Apart from that, their imagination is being exercised, simply because they try to make the most out of it. Can you still remember the days when you were still young and that you pretended that your building blocks were your dolls’ fortress? That’s something we don’t hear often nowadays because kids are more engaged with their android tablets.


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Art Supplies

And speaking of imagination, why don’t you buy art supplies? This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need an art area in your house. Why don’t you make use of the outdoors and use their bare hands to paint? It is fun and also a great learning experience for parents and kids. You might even be surprise to discover the next Picasso in your children.

Musical Instruments

We all love music, especially our kids. Can you still remember the days when your kid would dance over a jingle he heard from a TV commercial? Now is the time that they make their own music. Who knows if you have your little Mozart, right? Learning a couple of instruments is also great for children because this can be their outlet for creativity and their emotions as they go through changes and challenges in life.

Can you add more toys which you think are best for the kids? We are open for ideas. Let us know and help us teach our kids to be their best.


Gift Giving Ideas: What to Give Kids According to Their Age

Choosing a gift might look like an easy task, but in reality it isn’t given the options you’d see from stores. So the question now is, what do we need to give our kids which are age – appropriate? We have gathered some of the best responses from responsible adults and parents. We hope that this post will be able to help you choose a gift that will wow the kids.

The best first step we can recommend is to know what the child wants. If you are the parent of the kids, this should be easy because all you have to do is to observe. Offering something different can also open up new possibilities and talents you never knew your child have. But if you are not really aware of what kids want when it comes to toys nowadays, then you can probe more by asking the parents. Otherwise, here are some of the safest but great choices.

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Reading is good, and that’s a fact. What we notice about the kids today is that they don’t engage much on books. This should be changed. Get something which is age – appropriate and we are sure that they will appreciate it. Books for kids are being more creative and interactive nowadays. You can actually color and do several other activities in a children’s book. As parents, we should always explore our children with reading the conventional way.

Pretend Toys

Why not buy a cooking set, or perhaps some hardware tools? Let’s just try to avoid toys which are violent like guns. This is also a creative way in introducing your children into real household chores. Playing pretend also stimulates their creativity and social skills.


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Brain – Enhancing Games

Getting such is both educational and fun! It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. This can be a bit costly than most toys, but the reward is just priceless. Younger children should be exposed with colorful toys to boost their brain activity while bigger ones should be given challenging toys like board games and puzzles.


Lastly, giving clothes will not only make the kids happy, the parents will surely appreciate this. Before you get one, make sure you are aware of the kids’ measurement. Otherwise, opt for a gift check or voucher so the parents can pick the best clothes for them.

Very practical tips, right? It doesn’t have to be very expensive – or if it is, make sure that it’s worth it and can be used for a long time. Remember that as adults, we want to nurture our children right. Stick with presents that will not promote violence. Go for those that will improve them holistically.

Great Indoor Party Game Ideas for Kids

Parties for kids are great and fun events to be at. However, not all kid parties are done outdoors and guaranteed with sunshine and room to run around and play. Thus, it is also important to have a good stock of indoor party games for the birthday celebrant and the guests for a fun birthday party!

Here are a few fun games you can have for your indoor party as well as in any group activities or classroom activities involving children. There is a general rule to follow though. Always have more games available, props and all that the number you think you might need.


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Balloon Pop

Balloons are considered as staple in parties. Popping them is noisy, frantic and offers lots of fun. It is also a simple game that can be done without having to worry about too many accessories and props. With a few set of chairs that you already have prepared for the party and tons of balloons to pop, it would really be an entertaining game to do indoors. One thing to remember though is to have enough balloons available as give-away at the end of the party.

Batman party games

Boys and girls alike would love to have some action and their favorite superhero included in the games that they play during a birthday party. Batman is indeed one of those characters every little boy and girl would love to have. Party game ideas might include mimicking Batman’s moves or playing dress-up. Have several colored papers, tapes and other accessories that the kids may need to create their own batman costumes or masks. Be sure to have an adult for each group or child available to supervise them most especially with scissors involved. You can even have a Batman painting contest to be able to allow the kids to enjoy while the adults dine or have a peace and quiet time during the party.

Musical numbers

Music is a very essential necessity for parties and there are a lot of games and activities that can be done with music. These include musical chairs and stop dance – both very entertaining games that will surely up the vibe in any party. Parents can also grab the chance to take videos of their kids while they strut their dancing skills on the dance floor.

Building games

You do not have to provide accessories to be able to pull-off this party intermission. Popsicle stick, playing cards, building blocks, boxes and even pillows will do. You can also ask the kids to build a tall building out or uncooked pasta noodles and marshmallows. Bigger kids would definitely enjoy some competition and their creativity and resourcefulness will definitely tested with this game.

Treasure hunt

Children of all ages love finding hidden treats and objects – especially if there is a prize at stake. Put some clues on slips of paper, on your party decorations, inside balloons and other accessories in your party venue. Place the first clues in areas that can be easily noticed and make the next ones a little bit harder to find. The prize could actually be the treasure that they are looking for. Small treats like candies, toys and the like are more than enough to keep the kids excited and enthusiastic to find the treasure.

Entertaining kids in an indoor party does not need to be complicated. Simple fun ideas can bring a lot of fun for any party, whether it is hosted inside or out in the sun.