A Mom’s Party Delights: Now Open


A Mom’s Party Delights is all about being at home, being a mom, and exploring the beauty and the fun that comes with the parties that I — with honor and gratitude — design for the people close to my heart. I initially created invitations for close friends who knew what I could do in front of the computer besides writing. Later on, through word of mouth, I realized that my suggestions are becoming more significant and important to the people, most of them parents, who would want to give their kids a good time for their parties. From party supply solutions to games and program for parties, I later on saw myself hosting a few children parties as well, something that is just for a few close friends for the mean time because my confidence is not that yet solid when it comes to events like this.

This blog is also dedicated to moms out there who would want to have fun and hone their talent while taking care of their babies at home. Every now and then I plan to feature moms like me who managed to fulfill their passion while raising beautiful children at home. All of that and more can be read in between the pages of my blog.

It was never in my wildest imagination that I saw this coming. The delight that I see in the parents and the children that I help with in preparing for their parties, as well as the delight that I see in my child’s eyes whenever we participate in such events, is truly worth the stress. This and more is definitely worth sharing, and definitely worth reading in my blog.


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