How to Plan the Perfect Birthday Party for Your Kids

Birthday parties are like travelling. Half the time is spent getting there is as fun as the party itself. It can be stressful as well, but in the end, it will be all worth it. Deciding on the theme, the decorations, food, the venue and the activities that will make the day even more memorable is as equally important as the day of the party and celebration itself.


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Even with a big or small party, children in general will definitely feel special as long as you and the people surrounding them exert efforts in making them feel special. The key here is starting your planning early. The sooner you plan, the less things you have to worry about on the day of the celebration itself.

Here are some key tips to remember when planning for your kid’s party.

Always ask the celebrant

The birthday child will most likely have an idea of what kind of party he wants for his birthday. Thus it is important to consider his opinion in planning. Ask him about the theme and how he would want the party to go. You can even bring him along when shopping for decorations and other items for the party. This helps in spreading the anticipation. It will also be an experience that he’ll enjoy sharing with friends and families.


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Plan as early as 6 weeks ahead

The earlier your plan the more time you’ll have to attend to several things for the party. You can start drawing up the guest list, confirming dates with guests that your child would want to be really present in the celebration as well as reserving for the venue in case you plan to do it outside your home. You can also start deciding on the games, activities and food that will be served during the party. Decorations can be prepared as early as this time frame to reduce the activities that you would need to attend to as the day of the party draws near.

Mail invitations 2-3 weeks ahead

It would be better to mail invitations as early as possible to ensure that the guests can still find time to adjust their schedule with the day of your child’s birthday celebration. You can also start purchasing party goods by this time as well as the party favors that you’ll need for the celebration. Arranging for extra help can be done during this time as well to clear out any possible conflicts in schedule.

Confirm with your guests a well before the party

It would be better to confirm with your guests a week before the party to be able to estimate the amount of food to be prepared during the party. Sitting arrangements can also be adjusted if your guests decide to bring a plus one or more. Confirm the date, time, attire and extra items to bring like towels and extra clothes in case you plan in hosting a swimming party.

Time and duration of the party

You do not have to feel pressured to entertain for several hours. Parties for toddlers and preschoolers should be kept around an hour or two. School-age kids on the other hand can have as much as four hours. This should be mention in your invitation as well so that your guest can still plan other activities, in case they have to, for the rest of that day.

Your children can have the best party they can have with careful and early planning. Their involvement also counts a lot in making their birthday celebration a success.


The Life of The Party: Party Planning 101

Planning a party can be overwhelming most especially if you do it alone. However, it should not be that way since we all should be celebrating life, live and a whole lot more in parties. Planning for the event can be as fun and entertaining as the party itself, with the right planning and the right people included in it.


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To lessen the stress that comes to preparing parties, here are some of the tips you can follow.

Plan ahead

Planning can be as early as two months away from the event if you would really want to invite a lot of people and really throw a big party for the celebrant. Be sure to include the celebrant in the planning stage to get a grasp of what he wants and what he might like for his birthday or for any other occasion coming up. The theme, date and time, venue and type of entertainment can be preliminary planned during this stage. A guest list should also be prepared as early as this. You can also set a budget for the party so that you can plan and work around this said budget.

Be in the loop

As soon as you have agreed with the budget, the guests, venue and entertainment, you should consider preparing the necessary items that will ensure that these would be implemented. Start sending your guest lists and make sure to confirm if they are going to get an idea of how much food and accommodation to prepare. Make the initial reservations and deposits as well for the venue and entertainment that you would want for your event to ensure that you have already secured the date and time for this area. Doing this ahead of time allows you to change plans in case the entertainer or venue that you want is not available. You’ll have plenty of time to look for a new one by doing so. To stay in the look, keep a check-list on hand to write down notes and cross out the items that you have already done.

Deciding on food options

Make sure that you are aware of certain allergies or food preferences of your guest prior to picking a menu for the event. Have several options of viands and treat to ensure that your guest, no matter how picky they might be, won’t starve on your event. The location on where your food will be served and stored is also essential to ensure that it stays clean and would not spoil during the event.

Preparing for decorations

Party supplies are also very essential for celebrations of any kind. It brings color and fun to the venue which will most likely highlight any celebration. Order them as early as two weeks before the event to reduce your activities and things to look after to as the celebration draws nears. These include even the most little of details like party cups, piñatas and plastic wares.

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Double Check

Confirm your reservations and guests as well as your entertainers 3-4 days before the event just to make sure that everything will be on schedule during the party itself.

Planning for the party as early as possible save you from the worries and stress that you have to endure that comes with a restricted time frame in planning. This also allows you to enjoy the party itself, the fruit of your labor, hard work and creativity.

A Mom’s Party Delights: Now Open

A Mom’s Party Delights is all about being at home, being a mom, and exploring the beauty and the fun that comes with the parties that I — with honor and gratitude — design for the people close to my heart. I initially created invitations for close friends who knew what I could do in front of the computer besides writing. Later on, through word of mouth, I realized that my suggestions are becoming more significant and important to the people, most of them parents, who would want to give their kids a good time for their parties. From party supply solutions to games and program for parties, I later on saw myself hosting a few children parties as well, something that is just for a few close friends for the mean time because my confidence is not that yet solid when it comes to events like this.

This blog is also dedicated to moms out there who would want to have fun and hone their talent while taking care of their babies at home. Every now and then I plan to feature moms like me who managed to fulfill their passion while raising beautiful children at home. All of that and more can be read in between the pages of my blog.

It was never in my wildest imagination that I saw this coming. The delight that I see in the parents and the children that I help with in preparing for their parties, as well as the delight that I see in my child’s eyes whenever we participate in such events, is truly worth the stress. This and more is definitely worth sharing, and definitely worth reading in my blog.